Xbox Pushing Me to Play Station?

With the news of a required internet connection and no used games presented by Kotaku, I am leaning towards Sony now more than ever. Having to be connected to the internet is not a major deal, if you live in an area that has high-speed internet. In the United States, having high-speed internet isn’t available […]

Halo 4 or, There and Back Again

If you’re a gamer, then I’m sure you’re excited for Halo 4, which will be ready for purchase midnight tonight at many retailers. I hopped on board the Halo train late in life. I played through the first one, was a huge fan of Halo 2, and then lost interest halfway through Halo 3. I […]

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC

Do you like flying on dragons, kids? Then check out this amazing new trailer for Skyrim’s DLC titled, “Dragonborn” coming to XBOX Live December 4th. Bethesda, you bastards. You bring me back to this game a year later and I hate you for making me so happy.

NHL 13 First Day Impressions

I have been playing the EA NHL series since the Sega Genesis. Of course, it’s one of the few sports games that continually improves year after year and this year is no different. The soundtrack is the most disappointing feature this year from what I have experienced so far. It’s really sad to year after […]

Romeo and Juliet With a Car… and Xbox Live

This article on Kotaku proves that some girls (13) actually might be able to drive. In what I can only describe as a girl with Shakespeare fresh in her mind this 13-year-old drove from Houston to Nashville. This was after her father told her she couldn’t talk to a 12-year-old in Kentucky (her boyfriend?) on […]